We filmed across 20 countries. We have a strong experience setting up complex international shoots in any climates and conditions. We offer a wide range of services from documentaries and travel videos, to drone operation, underwater filming, video editing and interviews. We’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering high-end video content and storytelling to better answer your needs.


Producing strong and inspiring documentaries isn’t just about filming a person talking in front of a camera. Building up an emotion that will serve the purpose of a story requires a wide range of skills. Over the years, we managed to master every stage of filmmaking. From Camera and drone operating, audio recording, interviews and lighting to video editing, 2D animation, sound design, music composition and colour grading. We will make sure to share your story in the most unique, cinematic and powerful way !


More than ever, our planet is facing unprecedented environmental damage, affecting its biodiversity and its landscapes. Mass tourism is one of these sectors that play a big part in destroying and polluting the environment. Travelling has a severe and negative impact, we must rethink the way we explore the globe. This is why we love collaborating with businesses that have a strong focus on ecotourism and work with local communities. They provide sustainable solutions to explore our wonderful planet with the lowest carbon footprint possible, and in the most immersive way !


Hot topics and news move faster than ever. As we enter decisive decades, we are facing historical challenges giving rise to worldwide environmental actions and activism. Whether it is on a local or global level, the awareness of the current situation is empowering people who are already working on positive social and environmental change. We are committed to go on the field to document, film and highlight meaningful and positive initiatives, protests, movements, charity campaigns and more. Power to the people, stick it to the man!”


Aerial filming has become vital in the industry and become a powerful tool to share exceptional images. We are C.A.A approved drone operators, meaning we have the qualifications and permission to operate drones anywhere for commercial projects. If you need any aerial footage, let us know and we will provide detailed flight risk assessment, public liability insurances and take every action necessary to operate safely and legally !


It is time to reinvent businesses! Business as usual has shown its limits. The ways we consume and trade led us to the difficult times we are facing now and need to be challenged from their roots. We believe that new and fresh ways to do business can be an answer! We can assist you with creating promotional videos for any product or idea that will have a positive impact on the planet. Do you have any fair trade, empowering, ethical or sustainable project in mind? We are here to support you, and help you spread the word !