Dr. Robert Oppenlander has devoted his life to improving the health of our planet. Through literary work or in person, he brings an eclectic combination of experiences regarding this topic spanning the past 40 years. His medical research during the 1970s gave way to clinical experiences over the years treating thousands of patients, many of those with nutritional and dietary issues.

Since 1976, he has extensively studied the effect our food choices have on our health and the immense impact those choices have on our environment. Dr. Oppenlander has given hundreds of lectures, presentations, and open discussions on this topic. He is also president and founder of a sustainable organic food production business. He has been a featured guest appearing on radio shows, in newspapers, and in magazines.

With Comfortably Unaware as well as with his speaking engagements, Dr. Oppenlander addresses the fact that our current choices of foods are causing Global Depletion–the loss of our land, water, air/atmosphere, food supply, biodiversity, energy resources, and our own health. In compelling fashion, he reveals serious inefficiencies and unsustainable practices in our current food production systems and explores unique solutions. Along the way, Dr. Oppenlander challenges audiences with new insights regarding how this has happened–exposing our cultural, social, educational, governmental – and even media – influences.

Release date : 2011
Writter : Dr. Robert Oppenlander
About : Food, Meat, Fish, Ressources, Ecology, Animal rights, Global Warming, Collapse

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